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Introducing Bitelink QR Code generator; The fastest tool to create, manage and track QR codes.

Create a customizable QR Code in a blink of an eye, Share it with your audience and gain instant access to scan data.

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Advanced QR Codes
Customize Colors
Track Scans
Customize Design & Frames
Create QR codes that reflect your brand identity with customization options.

  • Fully customizable QR Codes
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Advanced analytics & tracking
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Plainfield, United States Android Chrome Email English

Seamless Customization.

Personalize your QR codes to align seamlessly with your brand. Choose from various colors, add logos, and modify the design to make your QR codes an extension of your visual identity.

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The new standard
Comprehensive Analytics.

Dive deep into comprehensive analytics for both online and offline interactions. Understand the performance of your QR Codes alongside your other links, providing a holistic view of your audience`s engagement.

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Trackable to the dot

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