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Bit by bit, take control of your links. Monitor clicks, analyze engagement, and fine-tune your strategy with our in-depth analytics, putting you in the driver`s seat of your online presence.

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Get insights you need to understand your audience better, refine your content strategy, Know what`s working and what`s not.

  • A/B Testing

    Optimize your links for maximum impact through A/B Testing. Experiment with different link variations to discover what resonates best with your audience and refine your link strategy accordingly.

  • Bulk Link Actions

    Save time with bulk actions. Whether it`s updating, expiring, or categorizing, perform actions on multiple links simultaneously to streamline your link management process.

  • Custom Domain

    Establish a consistent brand presence with custom short domains. Replace generic URL shorteners with your own branded domain, reinforcing brand trust and recognition.

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Link Editing and Update

Stay agile with the ability to edit and update your links even after they've been shared. Keep your content relevant and make adjustments on the fly without the need for new URLs.

Link Customization

Personalize your links to align with your brand. Choose custom slugs, ensuring that your URLs not only convey information but also reflect your brand identity.


Gain valuable insights into link performance with real-time analytics. Track click-through rates, audience demographics, and geographic location data to refine your content strategy.

Link Expiry and Redirection

Set expiration dates or limit access to specific users, ensuring that your content is only available when and to whom you choose. Define specific paths for different audiences, ensuring that each visitor is directed to the most relevant content based on their profile or behavior.

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